Staunch Technology

Code of Conduct

Our purpose is to help workers and key stakeholders achieve a safe, healthy and productive workplace.   

We operate our business in alignment with our core values to achieve our purpose and commitment to responsible business practices. 

Our Core Values

Integrity inspires Trust.

We demonstrate integrity through open and honest communication and transparent and fair business practices. We protect the integrity of our client’s data through auditable, stable and secure systems to maintain their privacy and confidentiality.

Passion inspires Excellence.

We strive for excellence in our systems and processes and the way in which we serve our customers. We are committed to the process of continuous improvement. We aim to surpass ‘best practice’ and monitor our progress by measuring our performance.

Respect inspires Teamwork.

We recognise that our team and our interdependency play an important role in the success of our business, partners and clients. We facilitate teamwork by living by our other Core Values.

Leadership inspires Innovation.

We demonstrate leadership through our commitment to research and innovation. We embody leadership through the development of our partners and our team. We share our ideas and knowledge with the intention that it will inspire others to build safer workplaces and lead healthier lives.

Applying this Code of Conduct

We expect our employees, directors and officers, as well as those that provide services to us and our customers, to uphold these values and responsible business practices to meet or exceed applicable laws and external requirements.

Behaviour that is in breach of the law, this Code or our policies must be reported to the Manager of Staunch Technology.  Lack of compliance with the relevant requirements may result in disciplinary action, including termination of engagement.  The confidentiality of those involved will be respected.   Any issue raised must be done so in good faith.  Abuse or bullying behaviour is not acceptable.

We seek to ensure that our employees and suppliers maintain:

  • lawful business practices
  • agreed standards of quality and timeliness of delivery
  • safe, healthy and fair workplaces
  • zero tolerance for human rights violations in relation to their people and practices
  • business practices that minimise environmental impact

Supporting Policies & Agreements

  • Lawful Business Policy
  • Labour Rights Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Business Associate Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Services Partner Agreement (in progress)

Lawful Business Policy

We are committed to full compliance with relevant laws and external and company reporting requirements, including but not limited to, those concerning disclosure to relevant tax authorities and other government agencies.

We are committed to operating in accordance with strong ethical principles and expect everybody working for us to take personal responsibility for ensuring that their conduct conforms to these principles.

Conflict of interest – A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual has a private interest sufficient to potentially influence the objective exercise of his or her professional duties. Everybody working for us must avoid actual conflicts of interest and, wherever possible, avoid apparent or potential conflicts as well.  Any concerns around an actual or potential conflict of interest or an unclear situation should be immediately referred to the Manager.

Bribery – A bribe is any financial or other advantage which is offered, provided, authorised, requested or received as an inducement or reward for the improper performance of a person’s relevant function, or the receipt of which in itself would constitute improper conduct. Employees, contractors and suppliers must not solicit, accept, offer, provide or authorise any bribe either directly or indirectly or through any third party. Any concerns about potential bribery must be reported to the Manager.

Competition – We are committed to the principles enshrined by competition laws and will not engage in anti-competitive activities that could damage our business or reputation.

Money laundering – We will not participate or assist any third party in money laundering or any other illegal practice.

Inside information – We have systems and processes in place that help to ensure that inside or confidential information about our company and our customers is secure and protected.  We are a privately listed company, however inside information should not be used when making decisions on when to deal in securities of our publicly listed customers or suppliers.

Labour Rights Policy

Our people are fundamental to our success. We believe that a diverse workforce is essential for a successful business.

We recognise and uphold the rights of our workforce to a safe workplace, freedom of association, collective representation, just compensation, job security and opportunities for development.  We expect that any wages and benefits paid to employees must, at a minimum, meet national legal standards, including relevant Award provisions.

We value diversity and treat employees and contractors fairly, providing equal opportunity at all levels of the organisation. We prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, social origin, political or other opinion, or any other bias.  We do not tolerate any form of racial, sexual or workplace discrimination, harassment or verbal or physical assault. We prohibit the use of any form of child, forced, or compulsory labour.

Health and Safety Statement

The safety of our people is our number one priority. We believe that all fatalities, occupational diseases and injuries are preventable. 

Staunch Technology is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all workers (including contractors and volunteers) as well as clients, visitors and members of the public.  We are committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

We acknowledge that we are all responsible for our own safety and the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and the communities in which we work. We expect our people to come to work medically, psychologically, and physically fit, to follow health and safety instructions and to take responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ safety.

Our people receive training that enables them to carry out their tasks safely and in accordance with our health and safety policies and procedures.  We recognise that all of us have the authority to stop work if we consider it unsafe. No-one should commence any task that they consider unsafe or where the hazards cannot be controlled.

Staunch Technology is a signatory organisation to the Australian Consensus Statement of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) on the Health Benefits of Good Work.

Environment Policy

We are aware that our activities can have direct and indirect impacts on the environment. We seek to minimise any negative impact on the environment.   We comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements for environmental management.  Where possible, we conserve and protect environmental resources through a broad range of proactive initiatives, which include the efficient use of energy and water, minimising waste and reducing emissions.

Quality Statement

We have detailed management processes that ensure our services meet relevant regulatory requirements and our own quality standards and our customers’ needs.  We ensure that customer enquiries are responded to in a timely and honest manner.  We engage with our stakeholders for opportunities to improve.  We attempt to promote the responsible and fair use of our services.

Asset Management

Personal information and privacy – Refer to our Privacy Policy regarding the collection, retention and disclosure of personal information.

Information systems – all Staunch Technology’s information systems and the data stored in them, regardless of location, are the property of Staunch Technology Pty Ltd. Our data and information systems are vital resources and must always be used responsibly.  We may monitor the use of Group IT resources; this includes email, internet use, file storage and computer access.  Monitoring may record any misuse of systems and the creation, processing and storage of information that is contrary to Group or business unit policy, or in breach of local laws and regulation. Everyone working for JFSI must ensure they are aware of the rules regarding unacceptable use of the Group’s IT resources and comply with the relevant acceptable use agreement.

Intellectual property – Intellectual property (IP) is information owned by, or licensed to, Staunch Technology.  IP includes patent rights, trademarks, copyright, design rights, database extraction rights, rights in know-how or other confidential information and rights under IP-related agreements.  We protect our IP assets. IP infringement means unauthorised access or use by workers, customers, suppliers and competitors, including anyone using any Group name or brand without approval.   This is supported by the Business Associate Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement