JobFit System SaaS —

Reduce workplace injuries by matching worker abilities with job task demands

The proof is in the paper.

Scientific evidence* has shown that when workers do not meet job demands using JobFit System PEFA, the risks increase. See the full scientific paper here.
Increased risk for any sprain or strain injury.
0 %
Increased risk for sprains and strains from manual handling or back injury.
0 %
Increased risk for back injury from manual handling.
0 %

*Legge, J., Burgess-Limerick, R. & Peeters, G. A new pre-employment functional capacity evaluation predicts longer term risk of musculoskeletal injury in healthy workers. Spine 2013;38(25);2208-2215.

Your interactive online database will
show your workplace risk.
Show your population risk.
Pinpoint individual risk.​

Predict Injury. Work Smarter

The patented JobFit System Software is made up of two halves.

Task information

The physical movements required for each job.

Worker information

The physical capabilities of each worker.
Both sets of data are compared to quickly show what the worker
can do, can’t do, and how to close the gap in-between.

Health providers can deliver better treatment
plans, return to work and fitness for duty assessments.

Your interactive database is so much more than static reports the others offer

Job & Task Demands can be used for

Worker Abilities can be used to


JobFit System takes the security of your information seriously. Your data will be stored in state-of-the-art data centres operated by Microsoft Azure, compliant with all major security control frameworks.

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